Haptics: How A Virtual Cow Prepares Veterinary Students

If the terms Haptic Cow or haptics don’t sound familiar, this article will make it clear what this virtual technology is for and why it’s such a great vr technology.

It’s not a clean thing to stick your arm deep into a ackside of a cow. However, for new vet students, you can’t avoid the procedure:┬áin order to diagnose pregnancy or do a infection test, you need to reach inot cow’s rectum and look for uterus or stomach. Unluckily, right palpalation isn’t easy to teach: when your arm is in cow’s butt, nobody can really see what you’re doing. Continue Reading


Tekken 7 will be available for PlayStation VR

“The Japanese tech giants revealed the news at their press conference at Paris Games Week.

Tekken, from developers Namco, is one of the most popular franchises in arcade fighting games and is the biggest selling fighting series in gaming to date.

Details on the game itself are virtually non existent other than the fact it is officially coming to PlayStation 4 in standard form as well as being ported for virtual reality.

Tekken 7 was released in arcades across Japan earlier this year and is also the first title in the series to use Unreal Engine.”

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Getting Into The Virtual

The main topic of blending reality and virtual has existed for several years and counting. The theory is usually to enhance virtual items in a reality setting where players can connect to these intangible objects. Thinking behind it can be combine both dimensions together seamlessly. Several games have stepped forward, pursuing these technologies. Just what does this imply to the entertainment and gaming industry?

Bringing forth an issue that hasn’t ever existed can be a concept containing always fascinated technological pioneers. The introduction of such technology began ever since the late 1930’s toward the 1940’s manipulating and transforming technology introducing the 1st X-Ray machines. In many ways, the appliance unveiled what humans looked inside without surgery. Now, decades later this same technologies have become some thing intricate and complicated. Games are starting to integrate this as a technique introducing a fresh generation of gaming. Such games which applies augmented reality are: Kingdom Hearts Kinectimals and 3D by way of example. Continue Reading

Virtual Technology For Schools

Vast resources today are offered at the phone. Google search engines help students locate right away just what it accustomed to take a few hours to get or what may well not have been incorporated into their school or public library’s collections. Educators, also, can locate information to share with you.

Student period in the library has limitations, so researching with the web should be directed. Weeks identifies a few ways school library media specialists might help accommodate the tight schedules of visiting classes. evaluating and Identifying Sites which might be of help or interest on the student population, librarians can guide students while they inquire and investigate alone time. Also, every time a teacher has identified a subject, whether it be cars or careers, being studied online, the press specialist can prepare a long list of Sites for college kids to peruse, lowering on his or her should narrow searching. Continue Reading

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